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To Whom it May Concern:
 I'm taking a minute to thank you for representing my company in regards to my insurance claim. As you know in May a major storm hit our building and our roof was torn off. In addition to the building damage, I had several hundred thousand dollars worth of electronic equipment, test equipment, inventory, and customer repairs exposed to the elements. I was faced with three major problems. First, I had no roof on the building. Second, I had a large amount of damaged inventory. Third, May is my busiest time of year, and the interruption to my business over the next several weeks would be enormous. We contacted our Insurance company immediately, and we discussed temporarily moving and getting a tarp over the building. Due to the nature of our business, moving would have been a nightmare, and only adding to our problems. Putting a tarp over 4000 square feet of our building to cover 5500,000.00 worth of equipment was ludicrous. Although the Insurance Company was quick to respond on the phone, their adjustors didn't show up on sight for five days. Later that morning, the first morning of the storm, I was put in contact with your company. First, you had a new roof on my building by sunset the same day of the storm (something I still find hard to believe). Second, you separated the inventory into useable and unusable goods. Third, and most importantly, you freed up my time to run my business within a couple of days after the storm. You worked with the contractors and my personnel in the different departments so that we could conduct our business without having to move. All of this was done in a very organized and professional manner. I was surprised at the financial settlement you negotiated with the Insurance Company for the building reconstruction, damaged inventory, and the business interruption. It was considerably larger than they wanted to pay. Thank you for representing my interest in this matter. I have dealt with dozens of companies over the years, and your company really did an outstanding job. Thanks again.
Sincerely Yours,

– APRIL 17, 2002

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